What  are  spiritual  gifts  and  how  do  we utilize  them?

A Spiritual Gifts survey is one that provides you with a personalized analysis. Don't think of it as a test, but a simple questionnaire that helps give you a profile of what your gifts are....there are no right or wrong answers, no grade at the end.

Being able to understand what your gifts might be, helps to not only solidify your ability to serve within the church body, but also to step out in growing confidence in your walk with Christ. Everyone has a spiritual gift, and typically most have more than one. While the surveys used don't cover every aspect of life, the questionnaire narrows down to the basic 'tried and true' ones that are the back-bone of Christian ministry.

Want   to  know  what   your  spiritual  gifts  are?
Take  the  survey  using   the link  below.

 If you have never done one before with us, you will be asked to register/create a login 
and use our group ID of # 902417 as the password.
Don't worry...it's free and confidential! You'll receive a copy of your spirituals gifts, as well as Bay Point Church.

If you have any questions, you can email Jenn Bowers for more information.